Useful Links


Leicestershire Badminton Association - Promoting the sport, detailing clubs and tournaments held both at Junior and Senior levels within Leicestershire.

Badminton England - The sport's governing body in England, The organisation offers information about the game, coaching courses, membership at different levels, and promotes the sport at every level.


No Strings Badminton Facebook group - The Saturday session between 6.00-8.00pm @ Babington College, Leicester, LE4 0SZ.

Leicester Badminton Community Facebook Group - An amalgamation of those that play community badminton in Leicester.

Badminton Central - An online community dedicated to the exchange of information and sharing of their passion for the game of badminton. The community consists of badminton fans from all over the world. Badminton Central's goal is to promote badminton via being the leading badminton resource online.